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A meticulous approach to my work and love for music ensures that every piano will sound its best following a visit from Haynes Piano Tuning. Whether your instrument is in need of repair or adjustment, you can count on Haynes Piano Tuning for a professional and courteous service. With years of experience in this line of business, I only offer the best to all my customers. 

I work around you to ensure that your piano is tuned at a time that suits you. As a graduate of the renowned Newark College Piano School, I thoroughly enjoy the job that I do. I am available for piano tuning and repairs in the Midlands and specifically in the West Midlands.

Piano Tuning

I can offer an extremely personal and professional tuning service that will bring out the best in your piano. I use the latest tools and techniques that will have your piano sounding better than ever in no time, and increase your playing pleasure immensely.

Piano being tuned
Grand Piano

Pitch Raising

If a piano has not been tuned for a while, the pitch levels would have dropped further away from where they should be. A pitch raise will be required to bring the piano's tension back to the levels it should be at. Get your piano back to perfect pitch in no time with this service.

Piano Repairs

If you are in need of piano repairs, Haynes Piano Tuning can help. Some of the repairs I can help you with include:

  • Toning and voicing

  • Sticking keys

  • Broken strings

  • Broken piano keys

  • Broken casters

  • Broken piano pedal

  • & More

There's no job too big or too small for Haynes Piano Tuning. We can even repair and restore piano stools.

Close-Up Of Piano Keys
Playing Piano

Piano Regulation

I advise you to get your piano regulated every so often to make the most out of your instrument. Regular piano regulation will help you keep your piano in good health and therefore will massively help with the up keep of your piano in the long run. Keep your piano sounding its best with my Piano Regulation service

Have not tuned our piano for two years. He tried to fit our job in based on my timetable. He tuned the piano carefully and professionally. He spent two hours to do the job without a break. My daughter is very happy with the tuned piano now.

Piano Services: Testimonials

For Reliable Piano Services

Call Me On 07866 953039

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